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First of all The Manufactory is an inspiring space where you can enjoy snacks and drinks. The atmosphere is determined by a dynamic interaction between the public and the makers. Visitors are encouraged to take a look at the range of Belgian specialties. The bar is not only limited to local breweries and organic foods, but also places the design in context. Music, typical for the Ghent public, glues everything together.


The Manufactory creates a bridge between the makers and the public. The Manufactory not only curates talent from the design- and music world, but also invites them to create new projects. Ateliers are available to experiment, learn new techniques and to get inspired. The Manufactory also guides new artists in the first steps into the commercial world.


Interaction creates social engagement. The Manufactory brings its message to everybody by organizing events for the discovery of their new talent. Workshops, lectures, living room concerts ... will show the creative process and narrow the gap between design and product.


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Joke Vandenabeele


Quinten Cormenier


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