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Record Bar / Maker Store / Ateliers



Need space?

The Manufactory doesn’t only present and sell makers, it’s also possible to create in our atelier.
Are you looking for a place to be inspired and be able to create as well? The Manufactory is that place.

We will give space to designers to actually produce their work, but have a communal table for other creatives as well. So, if you’re an illustrator, ceramist, fashion designer, photographer, or any other creative… you’re welcome in our co-working ateliers.

We’re offering a space to produce, a store to sell and a bar to meet up with clients or partners. The Manufactory will be a creative hub for everyone.


The atelier membership includes the entrance for one month, water and electricity, coffee and tea at the bar (10 x), and four lunches, and storage space. The membership has a minimum of three months (cancelling or extending the subscription two months in advance).

Opening hours: 9 AM - 9 PM

Fixed: € 200 (excl. vat) - 4 spots available

Get your own spacious table and leave everything as you wish all the time.
Two spots are inside a dust space, perfect for a sculpture designer or ceramist.

Flex: € 150 (excl. vat) - 4 spots available

A place at the large commune table, giving you all the space you’ll need. However for occasional workshops, you’ll need to be able to move your stuff away (lockers available). The perfect spot for a textile designer or illustrator.


Do you want to organize a workshop or event in The Manufactory? Great, we’re glad to help you.

Rent (4h): € 200 (excl. vat)

Rent our bar, patio, store or atelier for your event. We make sure everything is in place.

Co-organize: on request

We would like to help you organize your event with hosting and catering.