Concert: Mirek Coutigny

Jazz and classical, acoustic and electronic, the students at KASK are transformed into hybrid musicians. Just like that: Mirek Coutigny. After an education as a classical pianist, he’s ready to create his own world. We wanted to know how this world will look like.


“I studied piano and composition. These seem classical studies, but in Ghent the teachers mix it up. You work together with jazz, pop and classical students. It gives space to find your own place in music. Two years ago I started my own project. Writing, playing and producing, I do it all. Sometimes it’s a bit much, but I like working like that.

I always start with a story. This is the script for my music. The different parts are scenes within this greater scenario. Mostly these scenes originate from the reinterpretation of my own work. I constantly upcycle fragments into original work. This can be a live performance, a composition or album. Everything is possible.

Composition used to be the start, but nowadays improvisation leaks into my executions. Especially due to the work on synthesizers and modulars. Despite what everybody thinks, they live an uncontrollable life. Intuitive on it’s own. You can only set the parameters. These instruments influenced me a lot as a classical pianist.

My debut (2018) is essentially a coming of age. The album is a compilation of fragments I wrote from 18 to 22 yo, during my education at KASK. You can hear the massive amount of input I’ve got during this intense period. Now I’m working on album two. This time I start from a fixed scenario: the book “Station Eleven” by Emily St John Mandel. It’s a dystopian story ten years after the apocalypse. The chaos is slighty turning into renaissance, filled with nostalgia and hope.”

Mirek Coutigny plays on Friday 29/03, International Piano Day, live in The Manufactory in Gent.

Quinten Cormenier