Opening of the Ateliers

”Finally! We’ve waited quite a while, but they’re here: the ateliers!” Joke and Quinten respond relieved to the opening of the rear construction. “The Manufactory is complete: bar, store and ateliers.”

EOS 5D Mark III 2015_10_08_SS_039805 HDR.jpg

The Manufactory may have been open since December, in July a vital part is added. The ateliers make the bar and store a place where production and users meet, where people get inspired by each other. The makers are the beating heart of The Manufactory. “We know every designer in the store personally and want to extend this idea with the residencies in our atelier. We work together with them for a future of their brands. In the ateliers everybody lifts each other to a higher extent.”

When you enter The Manufactory, you see the bar. Here you can have a healthy lunch, a quick coffee or a cosy apero with your friends. “Local products are highlighted on the menu. Seasonal vegetables, micro breweries and Ghentmade pie! We tend to make the most ourselves.”

The bar is themed by music. “In the weekends we bring music close to the audience, with live radio, gigs and listening sessions. But also in the week we create the right atmosphere, to get work done or relax, for breakfast or hang out with some specialty beers. It’s a creative micro-ecosystem.”

The Manufactory tends to make people familiar with production processes. That’s why there are workshops as well. “We focus on beginners, but always end up with a finished product. You can design and make your own lamp or natural cosmetics.”

The Onderstraat slowly gets a new vibe. The street perfectly shows what Ghent is all about: creative with a twist. With new places like Bar Steen, Lost in Pablos, Zoe Zoe Records and now The Manufactory the Onderstraat is an honorable shortcut between Serpentstraat and Hoogpoort.

6-7 July The Manufactory will open the ateliers. This weekend there will be introduction workshops, open ateliers and a Saturday night drink.

Quinten Cormenier