About the Maker Store

The Manufactory is a place for the makers. For Quinten, makers are musicians, for Joke they’re designers and producers. The Maker Store and the Ateliers present the whole making process. From raw material to product.

JokeMakerStore - 1.jpg

“I was always inspired by materials, trying to design with them, rather than just using it. That’s how I found clay and specifically porcelain as my go-to material. It’s flexible when you’re designing, but the end product is fixed and sustainable. I use clay for my lighting designs. It really influences my designs. That cross-pollination was the main idea for the ateliers.”, says Joke.

The Maker Store gives space to the unique pieces of independent designers. The Manufactory has a close connection to the designers, being a showroom for their products. The Ateliers actually give space to the designers themselves. It’s a coworking space for creatives. Ceramicists, graphic designers, jewelry designers… everyone can work together. And they give workshops as well, so you can take part in the makers process.

On Sunday there are Open Ateliers. You can see the designers work and ask questions about their products.

“The Ateliers and the Maker Store should grow into the link between the audience and the designers. I really want to emphasize how products are made, in contrast with fast consumption of clothing and design. Maybe one day we start our own design label, in collaboration with the designers of course.”, says Joke distinctively.

Quinten Cormenier