About the Record Bar

The Record Bar is Quinten’s musical playground. He wants to bring people to the ideal place to discover the newest tracks, learn about music playing and get in touch with local artists. Just come by and relax: Let the music come to you!


“I never was a music player, but always been a music fanatique. Always searching for new music, watching documentaries. Years later, I started the musical magazine 33-45. It’s the whole musical experience combined in three editions. The artist’s perspective, the audience’s view… the whole package! I want to bring that idea to The Manufactory.”, says Quinten.

And so it seems, entering The Manufactory you’re triggered by the vinyl corner, the library and the expo wall. You immediately feel at home. Listen to some vinyl or try the synthesizer, or just sip your coffee and dream away.

On Friday there’s an aperitivo and vinyl. You can bring your own vinyl to share your favourite tracks or awe the audience with your exquisite taste. Every Saturday afternoon there’s Radio Manu: a live radio show hosted by local music lovers, presenting their precious collection.

“It’s inspired by the American radio station KEXP. I even tattooed their logo on my arm! In a few years I hope The Manufactory becomes a creative hang out like the gathering space of KEXP. I’d like to add more musical projects as well, like specialty radio shows, a rehearsal studio or even a small record label. Reach for the sky!”, laughs Quinten.

Quinten Cormenier