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Record bar

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Music is everywhere, and not without a reason. Music is both inspiring and entertaining, refreshing and blissful. Therefore the record bar is the perfect addition to The Manufactory-lifestyle of experiment and discovery!

The bar is the place to get inspired, brainstorm, or just take the day off and relax.

At The Manufactory you’re welcome for breakfast, lunch and aperitivo. Our fine selection of beers, wine, coffee and tea will let you enjoy your visit even more.

Listen to our soundtrack:

Our Playlist

Of course, there’s music in our bar. But we present it in several ways.

For starters, we have our very own vinyl collection. Enjoy the intimacy of music, Belgian artists only. Put on your headphone, lay back and listen!
Secondly, our playlist features the best new music. In the morning, we’re always listening to full albums, but in the afternoon, we’re playing an eclectic mix full of new discoveries. Even for us!

 Friday Events

After a heavy workweek, it’s time for decompression. That’s why our record bar is open until 10 PM and we’re adding some musical flavour.

We’re organizing gigs with local talents, theme nights with dj sets and live radio shows.

Check out our calendar!


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