Heike & Danny Dobbelaere - Postcard

Heike & Danny Dobbelaere - Postcard


Heike & Danny Dobbelaere

This series is a collaboration between father and daughter Dobbelaere. Danny Dobbelaere is a Ghent based graphic designer specialized in book-design. His books are characterized by purified simplicity and timeless typography. He often combines analogue and digital techniques. This results in the treasurable, tactile book-works for which Danny is known. Besides book making, slow but steady, he builds on a poetic oeuvre. His short poems resonate his graphic style: short but sharp with a twist. Heike Dobbelaere recently graduated as a textile designer. In her practice she likes to combine different media such as photography, graphic design, language and woodwork. Re-use, in its broad sense, strongly dominates her work. This involves the re-use of physical objects or re-use in a more abstract way. Lately she started to share her father’s passion for graphic design and explores the different aspects of the graphic field.


Height 15 cm, Width 10 cm

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