Iona Tettelin - Moonman Lighting normal

Iona Tettelin - Moonman Lighting normal


Iona Tettelin

Iona Tettelin is a young designer based in Antwerp. Iona is inspired by scientific achievements and patterns. Moonman Lighting for example is based on the Sputnik 1 satellite: simplistic in design but complex in functionality.


Moonman is a lighting design inspired by the space age when Sputnik 1 launched into space (1957).

​The design is inspired by the iconic satellite, which has a very simplistic look but in fact was super complex and a scientific achiefment.

​The simple design exists out of two elements: a metal powdercoated tripod and a big glowing bulb. Moonman is a like a drawing in a space that comes to life when you swith on the lamp. A small, curious alien that is looking for contact with its surroundings.

Material: powder coated steel, rubber socket

LED Bulb, A+
2700 K
Rated output 6 W
420 lumen
Input 240 V

Eu Plug 230 V


Height 110 cm

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