Ceramic Plates (11+25 sept)

Ceramic Plates (11+25 sept)


Always wanted to have your own ceramics set? Learn how to make a mold, based on your own design and pour the slip clay to make a set of unique bowls, plates or cups. The workshop is for beginners.

This 2 evening workshop is given by Joke Vandenabeele, ceramics and lighting designer and co-founder of The Manufactory.

Cost: € 80 pp, including everything to make your molds and first plates, bowls or cups.

Modeling, 18h-22h

At first we need a prototype. Learn about different forms and sculpturing techniques. Make your plate, bowl or cup in clay as a basis for your set.

Mold, 18h-22h

After your prototype is dry, we will make a mold in plaster. When your mold is finished, it’s time to pour in some clay and finish your very first design. After baking, come and get your finished product in The Manufactory. With your mold you can make the same set over and over again.

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