Ceramic Plates (13+20 nov)

Ceramic Plates (13+20 nov)


Always wanted to have your own ceramics set? Learn how to make a mold, based on your own design and pour the slip clay to make a set of unique bowls, plates or cups. The workshop is for beginners.

This 2 evening workshop is given by Joke Vandenabeele, ceramics and lighting designer and co-founder of The Manufactory.

Cost: € 80 pp, including everything to make your molds and first plates, bowls or cups.

Modeling, 18h-22h

At first we need a prototype. Learn about different forms and sculpturing techniques. Make your plate, bowl or cup in clay as a basis for your set. After your prototype is dry, we will make a mold in plaster.

Mold, 18h-22h

When your mold is finished, it’s time to pour in some clay and finish your very first design. Learn about the different techniques of working with a mold. After baking, come and get your finished product in The Manufactory. With your mold you can make the same set over and over again.

You can come back and make 4 items of the same product and bake it in our oven.
Do you want to glaze your set, there is an extra cost of 5 euros.

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