Make a Porcelain Candle Holder (10 nov)

Make a Porcelain Candle Holder (10 nov)


Always wanted to add that extra piece of coziness to your dinner table? Or wanted to say “Well, I made this myself”? In this workshop, you’ll learn how to create a candle holder in porcelain. Porcelain is a beautiful, but fragile material. You will learn to skill to work with this delicate material and take your candle holder home.

This workshop is given by the talented Olivia Joseph. From 2017 till 2019, Olivia has been a resident ceramic designer and later teacher at the Turning Earth In production Studio based in North East London. After 2 years of developing, learning and teaching in London, Olivia decided to set up her own ceramic studio on the countryside around Ghent.


Sunday NOV 10, 14h-17h

During this workshop you will create the whole porcelain candle holder. When it’s finished, the candle holders have to dry and be baked in the kiln. Afterwards the finished product can be collected at The Manufactory during opening hours. Transparant glazing is optional and included in the price.

This workshop is designed for beginners. We can not assure that the work will survive the kiln without any cracks or defaults.

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